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  1. A nut
  2. A nut-tree
    Inter primas germinant ulmus, salix, nuces.
  3. A fruit with a hard shell or rind
    Nux amara.
    A bitter almond.
    Castaneae nuces.
    Nux pinea.
    The fruit of the tithymalus.
  4. a thing of no value
    Non ego tuam empsim vitam vitiosā nuce.
    I should not have bought your life with a vicious worthless thing.
  5. an almond-tree

Usage notes

  • At weddings it was customary to strew nuts on the floor.
  • Nutshells were used in colouring the hair.
    Viridi cortice tincta nucis.
    With a fresh colored nut rind.
  • Nuts were strewn at the festival of Ceres.
  • Children played with nuts, which is why nuces relinquere means to "give up childish sports", "to betake one's self to the serious business of life" and "to throw away our rattles".

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Nux is the official student newspaper of the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Started in 1934 on the Pietermaritzburg campus, it is the oldest student newspaper in South Africa. The newspaper is primarily funded by the university, and 8000 copies are distributed to students across all campuses of the University of KwaZulu-Natal free of charge. Eight issues, of 16 pages each, are distributed per year. The content is created almost entirely by students, from journalism to design.
The name had its origins in the acronym Natal University Campus Chronicles (NUCCs), which became transformed into NUX, by homophony and rotation of the C's.
The Executive body sits in Pietermaritzburg, and is editorially independent of the university and its structures.

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